If I already have an SBM account will Niyo global create a fresh one again?

So basically I have a SBM account created created by IndMoney app for US investments.

As I have account on same email and phone number does that mean Niyo Global will create a new account?

If Yes, How will I be managing 2 accounts on same phone number - Not very keen on this option.

If No (meaning same account will be reused), does that mean any money I add through IndMoney (or direct to that account) I can use that money to transact through Niyo Global VISA card as well?

you’re already an existing customer with SBM Bank India , won’t Stop you to Onboarding new Niyo Global with SBM Bank .

Use Same Number & Email to avoid unnecessary issues while onboarding.

Almost Bank allows us to open multiple accounts in their Bank .

For example You can hold in same Bank - 1. Saving Account, 2. Current Account , 3. Jandhan Account etc .

If you’ll login SBM Bank India or use Mobile Banking App , your Both accounts will be available there .

I’ve Also multiple Accounts in Multiple Banks .
Like - CBI ( 2 accounts) , Federal ( 3 Accounts) , SBM ( 2 accounts)

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