Can I open niyo global by sbm

Can I open niyo global by sbm if I have current account in niyox equitas
Is it possible to have two account using adhaar ekyc

Hey @Mohammed_Shamnad! Yes, you can open Niyo Global by SBM account even if you are holding a NiyoX account. Also, we see that you are holding a NiyoX account but haven’t completed KYC. We’d recommend you complete the video KYC using the NiyoX app. For further help, reach out to our Live Chat Support and we happy to help you.


My question is that I have half kyc account in noyox equitas bank opened through adhaar OTP based kyc
Can I open niyo global by sbm account before closing that niyox account is it legal to do this
I need to close the niyox account Inorder to open niyo global account

Please kindly explain

Article from quora

Yes. One should open only one account using OTP either it be with banks or payments bank or any regulated entity. It comes with below RBI conditions. [1]

This is not applicable if you are opening account with Aadhaar bio metrics like SBI digital savings account. It’s opened by biometric authentication at a branch whereas instant digital account is opened using OTP (see If you have opened instant digital account with SBI then you shouldn’t create another account with SBI or any other bank (regulated entity).

Hey @Mohammed_Shamnad! Yes, it’s recommended to open only one account at a time using e-KYC. You can open another account through e-KYC only after the first account is upgraded to a full KYC or if it’s closed permanently. In our previous message, we’ve suggested you complete the KYC formalities for your NiyoX account to get the full KYC benefits and you can open another e-KYC account with a different bank.

Here, we’d like to let you know that the onboarding for Niyo Global by SBM is based on CKYC. Therefore, it should be a problem to open the Niyo SBM account. If you are able to open the Niyo SBM account successfully, it’s going to be a full KYC account.

Hope this answers your query. In case, you need any help, please reach out to us.


So you are saying that I can still open sbm account even if I am holding niyox ekyc account as niyo global sbm
it is opened through ckyc method

Am I right


I am not completing my full kyc of niyox equitas account because I am not using it so I am creating sbm account through this ckyc method

Yes @Mohammed_Shamnad! You can still open Niyo SBM account holding NiyoX e-KYC account. We’d request you to download the Niyo SBM app from the Play Store or App Store and complete the onboarding. For any further assistance, reach out to us and we are happy to help you.

Also I am holding an federal bank nri account
Is it still OK to open sbm account