About onboarding for Niyo Global Account

Hola Team Niyo, Here I’m back with a doubt :slightly_smiling_face:.
I read in the info section of Niyo Global Onboarding and help that if we have an account with SBM bank then we can directly get onboarded, is it applicable for accounts that are associated with other apps like IND Money or Money Hop.
Please let me know coz I currently have accounts with SBM bank that are linked with these Platforms.
I am not having a CKYC update from my existing Bank yet :pleading_face:
Gracias :blush:

Hey @Yashie

Absolutely! And since you are an existing customer of SBM Bank, your customer id will be same. :slight_smile: We are sorry to inform you but in order to proceed with the account creation, you need to have your CKYC updated in the last 4 years.

So even if I’m an existing Bank Customer, i need to have CKYC updated ?

Yes, it is mandatory to have the CKYC updated. LK