I sent amount of 25000 inr but the amount is not reflected in my bank account

I transfer amount of 25000 inr to my sbm account from sbi .sbi show it is successfully from sbm side it is no reflecting. When i check the balance it is not updated it is showing old balance. When i check up balance of sbm also the balance is not getting updated i am totally worried…what i do please help. This amount is for my study program.what happens to my money ?in transaction history it is credited but in balance and upi balance it is not updated .please help me out soon

Hello @SUBIN_S_A! There might be a delay in receiving the funds to your account, due to which the balance might not be updated, and we are sorry about it. We see that your funds are credited to your account, and we believe that now you can view the updated balance on the home screen of your Niyo Global app. For further help, you may reach out to our live chat support through your Niyo Global app. -WB