I just went from Equitas. The platinum card is not credit card. Already I have four ATM Cards. I want credit card. Nearby 5 lacs

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Saterday was recive your platinum card. Thanks. Today I visiting the Equitas branch at
Nashik. And agreed to 50000 Investment SIP
IN mutual fund. Sir, Mr. Sanap told me this
Card is simply ATM card, not credit card. I
Went home. Already I have 3 more ATM cards. 
   Sir, I have need money for rotat my business expenses. More than 3 lacs. Could you help me? I will refund EMI Strongly with
MF Investment. 
   Thanks Again
Ashok Thorat

Hey Ashok! Welcome to the Niyo Community!

Please note that we are not providing credit cards currently. This is in our pipeline and we will certainly keep you informed through our social channels once we are able to serve you with your request. LK


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@Lucky how system approval goes for some post & some good past need to wait until aproval?