#Fintip > Can slow, steady, regular small investments make you a Crorepati? 🤑

Becoming a crorepati is one of the most common aspirations shared by most individuals – whether investors or the common man on the street. This is why ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ is one of the most popular television shows in India. The show keeps making a comeback year after year, but with every passing year, the show’s popularity keeps growing.

When we tell you slow, steady, regular small investments in mutual funds can make a crorepati; you must be scratching your head, wondering how is it possible. If a 25-year-old individual invests Rs. 20,684 per annum (just Rs. 1,724 per month) for the next 35 years, till his/her retirement, and if the investment earns an annual return of 12%, then he/she will have Rs. 1 crore on retirement. Investing Rs. 1,724 per month is very much within reach of most people across various income groups. So, yes, becoming a crorepati is very much possible with slow, steady, regular small investments in mutual funds.

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  • Amitabh Bachchan
  • Shah Rukh Khan

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Nicely explained how small steps lead to big returns. But, I will like to add something more to this. You may become a crorepati in 35 years. But the crore made after 35 years is not worth a crore due to the average inflation of 7% of the country.
So, to have an amount worth a crore after 35 years, we can increase our SIP amount by the inflation rate i.e. 7% annually. The inflation rate is subjected to decrease as we become a developed nation.


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