Help us solve this dilemma! 😕 #FeatureUpdate

Hello everyone,

We are working on this cool micro-investments feature called ‘Invest the Change’ which will help you save and invest small amounts of money automatically as you go about your monthly spends via your NiyoX Equitas Savings account.

But, we need your help in arriving at a decision, because we, the internal team, are honestly stuck here and your opinion will help us solve this big fat dilemma.

So here’s the concept for your understanding, post which we’ll ask you to choose one of the options we’ve explained.

How does ‘Invest the Change’ work?

Whenever you use your NiyoX Equitas Savings Account or debit card for any spend - online or offline, we plan to round up the spent amount and invest the remaining change in a mutual fund of your choice automatically.

Example: If you spend ₹34, we set aside ₹6 for investing. (Rounding off to the next ten i.e ₹40)

There are many ways to go about calculating the ‘change’ and the subsequent investment amount with each spend.

And here’s where we need your help :grinning:

Which of the following two options would you prefer for accelerating your investments with every spend?

Option 1: Roundup

Here you get to choose whether to round up your spend to the nearest ₹10, ₹50 or ₹100.

Option 2: Multiplier

Here the spare ‘change’ is automatically rounded up to the next ten, but you get an option to then apply a multiplier of 1x, 2x, 5x or 10x before setting it aside. This allows you to save more.

Which one do you prefer choosing?
  • Option 1: Roundup
  • Option 2: Multiplier
  • The concept is not clear to me

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If you have any other ideas regarding this, let us know in the comments and we will take them to the product boardroom!

Please let it be optional. There might be some who are not interested in this concept and I’m one of them.


Pesave had already introduced this concept named " chutta" saving in partnership with icici pru amc but failed miserably and finally closed the service but the app is still available in playstore, so do have a complete case study of the company before introducing the same very concept.


Hi Ashrith,
Thanks for your input. This feature is optional. This will be activated only for those who have enabled it on the app.

Hi Subhendu,
Thanks for your valuable inputs. We are checking the other apps with the similar feature.

I like the idea of roundup better than multiplier, because I think the while point of this feature for a user is automatically investing without conciously thinking about it.
In the multiplier if every time I have to set multiplication factor, than it becomes an activity requiring my attention.


I’ll probably go for the round up function but have some queries. Some may sound silly but would like to learn from you on the go -
1 - As far as I know, in general, minimum investment amount in a Mutual Fund will be 100/-. So if we spend 34/- and round it up to nearest tens how will my 6/- be invested in my choice of fund? Are we planning to accumulate the “Change” till 100/- and then invest?
2 - In NiyoX, we get 7% RoI if the amount is greater than 1L. Enrolling in this feature if the deduction of the “Change” takes my amount less than 1L it would be a loss to the customer. Can we have limit set if the feature is rolled?
3 - What if the amount spent was the exact amount that customer has in his account? Hypothetically speaking, he had 34/- in his account, he spent it. What will be the next course of action? Default of 6/- or debit of 6/- when he loads the money in his account for the next time?
4 - Can we switch our selection of mutual funds? Or the one fund selected upfront will be the one which go on and on?
5 - I am assuming there will be no debit from the account if it is already set to nearest tens, fifties or hundreds? Eg - If customer has selected tens to be his nearest round-up figure and he spends 40/- nothing will be deducted from the account?

Apologies for long list of questions but wanted to study the inside-out of the product and the thought process behind the concept along with several nauances attached to it.

Sudhanshu Aggarwal


Hi @Arihant ,

Welcome to the Niyo Community! :slight_smile:
Thanks a ton for your valuable inputs. User can select the ‘Multiplier’ once and all the subsequent roundups will include the selected multiplier. No user interventions are required thereafter.

Welcome to the Niyo Community @Sudhanshu_Aggarwal :slight_smile:
Thanks for your detailed analysis on this, your time means a lot to us! Have tried answering all your questions, take a look:

  1. Yes, we will calculate it till 100, and debit and invest it thereafter.

  2. We appreciate this feedback and will discuss internally with the team to take the final call on this.

  3. We will deduct the amount only when it reaches the threshold value (e.g.100).

  4. We can switch the selected fund. All the subsequent investments will happen in the selected fund thereafter.

  5. Yes. There won’t be any debit in this case.

This should be optional because not every customer is interested in investing…there are many students who also uses this app, they don’t do investment because they have no earning.

This feature is optional. This will be activated only for those who have enabled it on the app.

Every company wants profit so how do you earn means revenue model? Bcoz without profit company not run for long time.:roll_eyes:

I find the round up option makes more sense then the multiplier option.

But at the same time I do have a doubt, how will these transactions reflect in the Account statement?

As I read in the previous comments the Small Change Amounts will be clubbed and invested when it reaches a sum of Rs.100, so in the Account Statement, will there be a deduction of Rs. 6 (when Rs 34 is spent and round up is set to next 10) each time or will there be a single deduction of Rs.100 once the sufficient funds are clubbed??

Hi Keshav,
Thanks for your feedback. The amount will be deducted from the account once it reaches 100, hence there will be a single deduction.

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Tbh, I won’t go for this feature. Its already been done by various companies, come up with something different & I believe what Niyo is doing till now is amazing & it should strengthen it more. It’s rightly said that “If You Try To Be Everything To Everyone, You’ll Be Nothing To No One”

Its just my POV

Hey Aman!

Welcome to the Community and thank you for your honest feedback, this is exactly what we were looking for. :innocent:
We’re still debating as to how we can roll this out so our users can reap the maximum benefits, however, we’d also like to tell you that this is going to be an optional feature.

Stay safe,