Explanation regarding some of the frequent transaction decline push notifications.

Hi all, below are the descriptions of few of the frequent push notifications for transaction declines:

1. Payment Timeout: It can happen due to the timeout at any of the servers. Users are requested to try again after some time.

2. Without VBV/CAVV not allowed, Security decline: OTP was not received for this domestic transaction. Users are requested to try doing the transaction again this time using the OTP.

3. Chip Validation Failure: Chip data not getting received in the expected format or not received from merchant. Users are requested to try with another merchant or wait for sometime before trying again.

4. Magnetic Stripe CVV Verification failure: Transaction failed as card data wasn’t received in proper format. Users are requested to try out again or reach out to our customer support.

5. PIN not set: Pin wasn’t set before carrying out the transaction. Users needs to set the pin before trying the transaction.

6. Domestic without PIN: PIN data not received from the merchant. Users are requested to try again.