Dubai Travel experience with Niyo

I have just returned from my Dubai trip. I would like to share some insights about the trip. Feel free to ask any questions, as my mind is still fresh about it.

1, I have used DCB debit card for entire transactions. It worked very smoothly. Tap and pay and POS worked well. Didn’t face any issues. (I didn’t tried ATM withdrawal). As I spend above 50k, I got lounge access immediately. Thanks niyo for that.

2, The weather was fine. It was not hot at all. There were no signs of a heavy flood happened last week. But some areas near DMCC have still flooded roads and some cars were still under water (I saw it from metro). Rest all places are clean and clear.

3, The metro is worst part. Difficult for travel beyond business bay. Some of stations like “Equity, Mashreek, Onpassive” still remain closed. Many time at Business bay, they will make all passengers to exit the train and clear. Then it will be too crowed. I don’t know what next like will another train comes and takes them all or not. Usually I just exit the metro station and take alternative bus.

4, As I mentioned above, alternative buses are there from Equity metro station to Mall of the emerates. But I don’t recommend it as it takes hours to reach.

5, As always, please use Careem for a taxi. I’ve had many bad experiences with RTA taxis, as many times they have refused to take us to certain places. I don’t know why. Uber is double the price of Careem. I used it both.

6, If you are doing big shopping, make sure to carry enough cash. Some shops will charge extra 2.5% for card swipes. Don’t know why. In that situation you can withdraw some money using niyo card and pay that shop. So no charges.

At last, it was a memorable trip for me. I am proud of myself as a son, as I was able to take my entire family with me for this trip at this young age. Also, my mother and sister flew for the first time. Those were moments for me to remember.

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Hi @Alphin ,

It’s wonderful to hear that you had a great time in Dubai! We’re thrilled that our product, Niyo, was part of your journey and made your experience even better.

Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures and your positive feedback. I’m sure our community will love seeing them. We’ll be sure to reach out if we have any questions about your Dubai adventure.

Many Thanks