Delay in card delivery even after 11days of ordering!

Worst Logistics(Delhivery) appointed by NIYO GLOBAL, as they don’t understand the urgency of its customers.

NIYO GLOBAL’s customer service team is not able to address this issue and are giving false deadlines. When there’s an urgency that should be honoured immediately but nothing is being done! Highly disappointed! Bcoz of this card delay, we’re worried and tensed as there’s an international travel comin up!
Is this how u are wanting your new customers to feel??
Very very bad & highly disappointed with such pathetic, irresponsible, reckless attitude of both teams.

Hi @samysmartest

We certainly understand your discontent. Your concern has been highlighted with the team to check and offer you the needed support. Kindly allow us the window to work on this and get back to you with an update.

Ranjith M

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Thank you for confirming with us. Our humble apologies for the bitter experience you had to go through. Rest assured, we’re always here to back you with the needful and ensure your journey ahead is delightful with us.

Ranjith M