DCB Niyo Global Card Charges?

Got this mail but Niyo DCB Card was free right?
What’s this charge now?

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Yes the card was issued as lifetime free. No idea why they have levied a charge. Raise a ticket and see what they say. I am also awaiting a response on this issue.

Hi Nirmal, we’ve set up this annual charge of ₹200 + GST for future years of Global Card usage, to help us maintain the high quality customer service, features, and everything else you’ve come to expect from us. For a more detailed explanation on the annual fees, why we’ve issued them, and how they can be reversed, you can check out our official post on Niyo Community here: https://rb.gy/z8ulwn. We greatly appreciate your patronage so far, and hope that you’ll continue to choose us for your future international transactions. SR