Tell me the detail charges in Niyo Global

Hi Niyo team tell me the new updated charges recently included in niyo Global DCB card
I have taken the card in 2019 and use in my international trip in that time no extra charges cut from my account but recently i hear about some new charges included on the card I want to know about detailed charges

Hi @Kaushik_Naskar ,

We are glad to know about your soothing experience you had with Niyo Global with DCB.

As of now we have added Annual charges of 200 + GST which is waived off on spending 10K from your Niyo Global with DCB card.


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If I spent 10 thousand & above from the Niyo DCB card fees will be reversed, Earlier on my Euro trip when I used to withdraw money from Atm multiple times there used to be no markup or any charges , is that changed now.