Close dcb card and account

I want to close my account. Please help.

Hey @anuragn

Welcome to our Niyo Community :slight_smile:

We’re uncertain about the reason for the instance, which led you to the though of closing your account with us. We’d like to understand better. Kindly inbox the reason or write to us at for us to pitch in and assist you.

Ranjith M

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I am not using the card and shifted to SBM card. Help me in closing the account please.

Hey @anuragn! We are sorry to see you go. :frowning:
Your Niyo Global by DCB account has been closed now. You may reach out to us at if you wish to reopen it at any time in the future.


Hi, how do I cancel my niyo dcb card?

Hey @Mikhil_Rathod! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We are saddened to hear this. If you wish to close your Niyo Global DCB account, we kindly request you to write to us at with your registered email requesting to close your account and we’ll help you with it.