Unable to create DCB account

Hi Team,

I wanted to create an account in Niyo Global by DCB, the niyo global DCB is redirecting me to Niyo Global app . Creating an account there has create and SBM account .

Need help in creating an DCB account … and closing the SBM account.

Hey @Harsha_dokula! Welcome to Niyo Community!

The onboarding for Niyo Global by DCB is an offline procedure. You’ll be able to access the Niyo DCB app only if you have an account. If you are trying to access it without the account, yes, it will redirect to Niyo Global by SBM.

Currently, Niyo DCB services are available in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai. If you are from any of these cities, please let us know and we’ll help you with Niyo DCB.


hi @Deepak, can I use this SBM account (travel card) as an international student ?
because when creating the account in SBM it explicitly asked if I am not NRI.

I live outside the above mentioned cities and DCB account seems to be the one designed for international students and SBM for travel.

Hey @Harsha_dokula! Niyo SBM/Niyo DCB card can be used for international transactions.
Currently, we are not onboarding NRIs for any of our services. To avail Niyo DCB, if you are travelling from any of the mentioned cities, we’ll arrange for our sales team to reach out to you prior to your travel.


@Deepak , I understand that but I will be considered as an NRI if I go for international studies.

while I applied for Niyo SBM it specifically asked if I am an NRI or not, currently I not but in couple of months I will be considered one. Is that ok to do?

If not, Please let me know the process to close the SBM account.

@Deepak , Anything on the above question ?

Hey @Harsha_dokula! The card can be used aboad until your residence status changes to NRI. Once it changes you may reach out to our in-app live chat support through the Niyo SBM app and raise a request to close your account and our team will help you with it.


Can I invite another user to open Niyo DCB. User is from Bangalore. I already have a Niyo DCB account. The onboarding had stopped for a while, has it started now?

Hey @Giri! The onboarding for Niyo DCB is available in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad. You may share the details with us and we’ll arrange our sales team.