CKYC Server not working

How can I fix this please help me. I want to create account in Neo.

Hey @Mohammad_Mikail ! The details need to be pulled from the central repository. We request you to try again after a few hours. You will be able to proceed further.

Someone from your team mailed me that dob is wrong in Ckyc but how can this happen? Sometimes you say that directory has to bring from center. Okay so how much time will it take approx? Also tell me do you ship to Jammu &Kashmir?

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Hey @Mohammad_Mikail ! (1) Upon checking, we found that the date of birth entered does not match with the date of birth stated in the CKYC number. Kindly get the same corrected and then re-try. You will be able to proceed further.
(2) Yes, the physical debit card can be shipped to Jammu & Kashmir.

Can you guide me on how to change that? Where to go for it? Also can you share my cKYC number?

Hey @Mohammad_Mikail ! You can connect with the Bank where you hold a Savings Account or Mutual Fund account and request them to make the necessary changes and submit the details to the central repository. - WB

Hello I went to the bank they checked all details & said the CKYC is already done & the DOB is correct too. They also shared the CKYC number. I can share that with you through any private channel. What should i do now? Have i entered my dob wrong in neo app? Can you share what dob it is showing in my Ckyc…

How do I reverse this ckyc thing… I want to create account but I m not able to…