Cheque book request pending since month

My request no 1154243 for cheque book is pending since one month. When I enquired now over chat I am told again that it will take 10-15 working days and to wait patiently till then. How much more patient do you want one to be?

Its been a month now and transactions are not updating . Bank is so technologically backward. Even you guys didn’t feel like updating your customers through email regarding the issue. Niyo should have that much courtesy atleast.
Whats the use of Niyo app if you ask your users to go to SBM app ?

Hey @goneo! Regret the inconvenience. :slightly_frowning_face:

On your behalf, we’ve escalated to the bank about the delay in delivering the cheque-book and are following up on a priority basis. We’ll definitely update the status of it at the earliest. And for the transactions not being updated in the Niyo SBM app, the team is working on it, and it may take a few more days.

No update still. Seriously SBM is not good when it comes to technology and customer service. Earlier it remained down from 11 pm to 4 am. For almost two months transactions were not being updated. They rarely respond to emails. They hardly care about your escalation.

I really had high hopes for Niyo SBM but looking at the various reviews accross channels, it is a letdown. It failed to continue the legacy of Niyo DCB.

Just received a call from SBM. They said they are trying to deliver my cheque book at my permanent address which is causing issue. They say they don’t have have my communication address. I guess Niyo has not provided them with my communication address. My debit was delivered at my communication address.
Why this issue now ? @Deepak

Hey @goneo! Thanks for your time over the call. Rest assured, I’m following up with the bank on a priority basis and will definitely try to get your cheque book delivered to you at your communication address.


@Deepak I request for cheque book on 21/02/2022 and I received a message today that sbm try to deliver to me but I . Didn’t receive any call or message or any tracking ID.

Hey @Irshad_Ali! If you’ve received the tracking details for your cheque book, please inbox the details and we’ll have that checked.


@Deepak I didn’t receive any tracking number

@Deepak any update on my issue

Hey @Irshad_Ali! Regret the delay. We are having this checked with the bank. We kindly request you to allow us some more time and we’ll reach out on receiving an update from the bank.

Hey @Irshad_Ali! Your cheque book has been dispatched via Speed Post. You can check the tracking details using the AWB number EM844726093IN at Track Consignment


I just received it :grinning:

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