Beta Version - Niyo Global in partnership with SBM Bank India (State Bank of Mauritius)🌎

Hi @Yash_Raj,
The screenshot you have shared has two sections:

  1. CKYC application status: which is blank
  2. KRA application status: the one shared by your MF app ( Zerodha, Groww etc)
    The KRA/ MF app has to send these details to CKYC.
    There are 5 KRAs appointed by SEBI as you can see in the column under the KRA for investment account KYC.

Being said that we are still investigating if these CKYC drops are genuine or is there a bug here.

Yeah I have gone to the CAMS Office too, but they said that they do CKYC only for Mutual Fund Investments.

Also, is there any other way in future to apply for this card because I want it for my International travel.

hey its not only depends on ckyc status I also try but in my data for aadhar my surname is first and in pancard my name is first that’s why I am not able to do continue my process however my father have same format on both so I tried from that and I easily do the process so I would like suggest to @ashrithjain @Bansari to please allow to users if that name format is different in my case I also face problems because in some documents name first and and in some other surname first

so please help

Hi @Pratyush_kt ,
We are still investigating if these CKYC drops are genuine or is there a bug here. Kindly allow us sometime and we shall get back to you with an update.


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Hi @Anmol_Batra,

Thanks for taking time and highlighting this. It has been highlighted to the team and we working on the same.


Hi @Prateek_Kumbar,

Welcome to the Niyo Community!

Here is the major difference between Niyo Global by SBM and Niyo Global By DCB;

  1. Forex markup for Niyo Global - DCB & Niyo Global - SBM are both zero. You will get currency convertor in both apps for real time rates.
  2. Niyo SBM is a savings account earning you upto 5% on deposits and gives you ability to create UPI id using any third party app once you get the card. Niyo Global being on current account platform does not have these two features. Niyo SBM offers signature card, a higher variant to platinum card offered in Niyo DCB.
  3. 0MAB but 5K deposit needed to order Signature card.
  4. Niyo SBM card takes 7-15days for delivery.
  5. One other major difference is that, In Niyo DCB, for international POS transaction, you have to make sure that your account has at least 5% more amount than the amount you actually need for transaction as DCB debits this 5% as TCS at the time of transaction itself and revert after couple of days if the 7lac LRS limit is not breached. But this is not the case Niyo SBM as only the transaction amount gets debited

Hope this helps!

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During the process of registering,
can the team share why am I getting message from UIDAI to enroll / update AADHAR.
And why is this OTP required by Niyo for the on-boarding process?

Hey @Vishu_Sharma . Welcome to Niyo community. Stay noted that the onboarding process is 100% digital and does not require any kind of manual intervention for Full KYC completion. The Full KYC is completed by Aadhaar XML and CKYC check. If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out again!


dear sir
in my pan my name is HEMAL HARSHADBHAI PATEL
so on the base of that should I face this issue?

Hello @ashrithjain @Bansari @Sai
I have applied for the Niyo SBM Card and after opening my account I added 5000 from UPI and It was successful.
But it still shows me pending info add 5000 to order card.
But I went to the β€œGot it” section and when I opened that section it showed me to order card I clicked it and it was successful and I could see a message which tells that it will be delivered by 10th August.
But still it shows me to add 5000 to order card.
I have attached 2 photos for your reference.
Please solve my problem.

Thank you

Thank you for your swift response. Maybe I have not put my question correctly.

I understand it is an automated process. My concern is not sharing the details, but the message from UIDAI that my Aadhaar details are being update/enrolled?

So, what I wanted to ask was why am I providing OTP for updating Aadhaar details to Niyo. I don’t understand this part. Kindly correct me if I am wrong or if there is a reason behind this.


@Vishu_Sharma @Vinay_Bagri @Lucky
Hey, the bank can’t fetch your details with only by the Aadhaar number.
A bank account cannot be opened on submission of just Aadhaar number, without OTP or biometric authentication by the bank according to UDAI.
According to PML and RBI rules, to open a new bank account, the bank is required to do biometric or OTP authentication to verify the right person is you.
Thank you

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Hey bro please help me i have ckyc number still they said they didn’t get ckyc database what should i do?

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@Vinay_Bagri @Aswathy_Nambiar @Lucky
Hey Niyo please can you guys solve the ckyc problem for this guy.

@hemalpatel @Aswathy_Nambiar
Did you check you both Aadhaar and pan card have the Same Name and same DOB.

Ex: my name is Arun Kumar Selvam.
Mostly in aadhar the surname will be suffix
IN pan card also you need to give surname as suffix

You might think, the name in your Aadhar and the name printed in the pan card are same. But the ckyc database will detect only the name which you gave while you applying for the Pan card.
In pan application have,
Name or the applicant:
Address etc.
There have an option that what name should be print in the pan card ( ckyc dont take this name)

Kyc will consider only the (Name of the applicant) name.
Most of the pan card agents entering the surname as prefix in (Name of the applicant) column. Its wrong.
They should write surename as suffix.

Name of the applicant and name should print in the pan card, the agent need to give surname as suffix in both of this coulum

I have already opened a digital account with OTP based on Aadhar, am I allowed to open another with the same?

Even i am facing the same issue and I haven’t received an update on the same

@Sai @ashrithjain @Bansari Is there any document available where i can see all the list of supported currencies of sbm global before enrolling , like a schedule of currencies?

There is no TCS deduction in this card till 7lac spend.


Bhai abhi aadhar details fill up karne tak pahucha hi nai also mera aadhar and pan link nai hai

Actually aadhar and pan linked is mandatory for ckyc?