Benefits of niyoglobal credit card?

Their is a lots of benefits of niyoglobal bank .
-No hidden charges
-accurate currency :money_mouth_face:
-Free emi up to 45 days
-ATM withdrawal by showing arcurate currency
-No charges of swipe,online shopping, card payment etc…
Totally my experience is fantastic than my expectations
Thank you to niyoglobal bank for supporting to us really it is very usefully to students :grinning:
Even me also iam medical student.

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Wow @Dudekula_Malik, that’s awesome to hear you’re enjoying your experience with Niyo Global!

We totally understand how these perks can make a real difference, especially for students like you. Thanks heaps for the shout-out – your support truly drives us! Cheers.:raised_hands:

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Coins doesn’t work any more - Few months back, I stopped getting coins, when I complained and warned to cancel my FD, I started getting coins.

Now its happening again, from past 3 days no coins are being credited to my account for all domestic transactions.

I might have to cancel the FD again.