Bank documents are getting rejecting

Hi team,
I am applying for niyo global travel card
And while I am uploading my cancel cheque as bank documents it’s getting rejecting
Can you please tell me what exactly is the issue , I need the card because I am traveling soon

Hey @Avinash_Varma! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Please make sure that the name on your cheque leaf matches the same as in your PAN. We kindly request you retry and upload the document or an alternate cheque leaf.

Regards, .

Hi @Deepak

My name in PAN Card:- Avinash Varma Sreekakarlapudi

My Bank Name :- Sreekakarlapudi Avinash Varma

Is this the problem?

Hi @Avinash_Varma, that might be the problem.

Thanks :pray::pray::pray:
I will try to change the name in bank account

what we need to do, If we don’t have Name on cancel cheque.