Balance coming up 0

My balance is coming up 0 and I had around 4L money. Should I take action and file FIR ragrding this?

Hey the same thing happened to me today aswell! What is happening this is extremely scary. Like where is our money, is this some sort of a hack that is happening ?

Hi @Dhanvin_Sudarsan @swagcat ,

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Sorry for the hassle :frowning:
The issue has been addressed and fixed from our end, kindly let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.


Sure no worries. It’s working fine now.

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Possible sever issue. But it shouldn’t happen or if there was an upgrade they should let us know before. @Dhanvin_Sudarsan

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Hey Sagar & Dhanvin,

Sorry you faced this issue. In the future we’re trying to ensure that the balance shown will be the last updated balance at our end, and not 0, in case we’re unable to fetch the latest balance due to some problem.


Hey @NoWayOj , also try to make sure to send an SMS or atleast a push notification before there’s any kind of maintenance or if you guys know that the server is going to be down. So that we can perform our Banking needs before hand. This one message can be a lifesaver during this pandemic. Hope you consider this suggestion.

Stay safe,


Hello @NoWayOj . Thank you for taking suggestions into consideration. You may refer below to what I’m talking about.

We reported 24 hours ago that the banking servers were down and couldn’t transfer funds to any account (because of this pandemic, we need to have access to our funds at anytime of the day), and thus asked you guys to atleast intimate us by atleast a push notification when you guys know that the servers are going to be down, so that we can perform our Banking needs before hand. And just under 24 hours, it was already implemented in the NiyoX app. This shows “Next level banking system”.



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