Celebrating 50,000 NiyoX Early Believers! 🥳

Hello everyone!

We are very excited to announce that NiyoX has scored a half-century with 50,000 NiyoX Accounts being created! Our innings has only just started, and together, we can set new standards for an awesome dependable partnership. A big thanks to all our early believers, who trusted us, even before we began this incredible journey.

We are truly delighted to see the love from all of you. You can bank on NiyoX’s all-digital experience from the comfort of your homes, which can feel liberating and much safer in the current times. We wish to celebrate that sentiment and would like to thank everyone who’s jumped onboard so far.

The response we have received so far, specially here on Community is just the kind of backing we needed to take this innings forward. Just like most of us, especially the millennials who want everything like a few seconds ago, we #JustCantWait to see many more of you on NiyoX soon! We understand and do feel the need for speed, and that’s exactly why we’re offering GenZ the chance to eXperience banking in just 100 seconds, unlike ever before!

P.S Stay tuned for some eXciting upcoming features like Invest the Change and Refer and Earn, which will help you save even more with NiyoX.

If you still haven’t experienced the brilliance of this product yet, come onboard and get your hands on NiyoX, in just 100 seconds!



Hi there! Congrats on this Milestone. I think, going forward, here’s what you need to consider:-

  1. Launch a VISA Signature Debit card (Let it be a metal card) at prices like ₹999 +18%(gst) per year / ₹1,499 +18%(gst) per year and let it have these features:-
    a) Free and Unlimited ATM withdrawals at
    any bank ATMs.
    b) Airport Lounge access (Domestic +
    International), 2 visits per quarter.
    c) Add an insurance also. (Like permanent
    disability - 10 lacs / Air accident death - 50
    lacs to the nominee.)
    d) Contactless payment.

  2. Build an in-house UPI app which will have Bharath Bill Payment Services. And also scan and pay and pay by UPI IDs via IMPS. The app should also have features like IRCTC Train booking, Credit Card bill payments, Postpaid bill payments, mobile recharges, GAS booking, Flight booking (features, like these are appreciated).

  3. Add a feature to provide mini loans. For this, you can tie up with partners like KISSHT, Simpl, Lazy Pay etc. Keep the loan amount small, like say 2k to 5k. This will really help students in colleges and people who earn less wages or early job seekers.

  4. While transferring money in NiyoX, kindly make sure to display current SA balance in money transfer page, so that we don’t have to go to the home page to check the balance.

  5. The app lags a lot, kindly fix this problem. The UI also has to be improved a lot.

  6. Try to use colours like Blue and green in the UI as it represents trust.

  7. Kindly add an option the download e-statement.

  8. Also add a budget tracker in the app.

That’s it for now, if I have anything else, I’ll share it with you. Kindly consider the above said things, as it will attract more millennials and it will improve the brand value in the eyes of existing customers.

Ashrith Jain


Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback once again @jainashrith! :slight_smile:
Highly appreciate this. This has been passed on to our Product team for further evaluation and you’ll be seeing a lot of new features and updates on the app very soon.

Stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Thank you sir for giving banking opportunity in reliable and convinent manner. Lots of Kudos


Thanks a lot @Susanta_Das and welcome to our Community! :slight_smile: