After doing KYC the debit card Request is rejected by bank

After doorstep KYC was done for my bank Account, I recieved an email as well as message from Equitas bank that my issuance for my debit card has been closed successfully -service request number 2105060332636414
And contact branch or customer care ,in case of any help.

Please check and help me with issuing me physical debit card.

The same thing happened with me…but in Card setting section their showing that your card reached to you before or on (the date)
Then how can it’s showing though? :thinking:

I think the app is just showing old thing, but now our request of issuance of Debit Card has been cancelled .
This is a smart move from Equitas that the Physical Debit Card will be delivered only after full KYC , and after Doing Full KYC , they simply close our card issuance .

Don’t know the thing what the bank is exactly doing…
But however it’s a automatically process mean u done ur kyc and the card is automatically ordered by them
By chance i tap on the card and reorder may be these is the fault from me
They closed the issuance of new debit card
I’m not sure though

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Please rest assured, the email is just a confirmation that your debit card has been issued and will be dispatched shortly. The card should be delivered to your respective communication addresses in 10-15 business days. Hope this clarifies everything! :innocent: LK