Account Balance not getting updated from 01/07/2022

Hello Team,

Please revert back the code to 12 hours back.
Please try to understand the pain we are facing.
We are having financial losses due to this.


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Why no more replies? What kind of robbery is this? Give me a deadline asap!

@Wasim_Al_Basha @Deepak

Folks I guess we should all hop on to twitter now and start tagging RBI. Let’s decide on a # and start a trend tagging RBI

We are in some other country outside India.
I don’t know anyone . The only way to do financial transaction is Niyo Forex.
I have to transfer some amount to my landlord and I did UPI to my Niyo now entire funds are blocked now. Don’t know what to do . Please help at least provide some workaround.
What is you BCP Plan ?

Hello @Abhishek_Chhabra @Sudharshan_Reddy @Ejaz_Ahamed @Anizzz17 @Mr_Bablu @shammas @durga_prasad1 @Saurav_Sunny ! We understand you’re upset & we’re sorry that there is a delay in providing a satisfactory resolution to you. Please know that our team is working to resolve this issue, which is taking slightly longer than expected. Please bear with us for some more time. :bowing_man:- WB

It’s post 5pm, still balance not updated. The 24x7 support scheme is a SCAM. Live chat shows replying in 2 minutes but there’s no reply for hours.

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@Wasim_Al_Basha How much time ? Please understand the impact and how we feel. At least roll back the code to previous version. Please commit some time.

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Hey. @Lucky I’m facing issue with my amount. It is showed in the transaction section but it is not being updated in the balance bar. Please look into it.
And even the ticket is not being raised from the account whenever i try to raise a ticket is being showed “error please try again after sometime” not once but many a times. Kindly look into these 2 things as soon as possible.

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@Wasim_Al_Basha Kindly understand the concern, its been a high time, we all are waiting, we totally understand the concern, but kindly resolve as soon as possible, atleast the amount should be reflected in account so to give some relaxation.

Dear @Wasim_Al_Basha, niyo staff has been apologizing for hours now. Please understand that apologies aren’t gonna pay our expenses. Give us a deadline as I have been requesting for hours now!

I transferred 5000 to Niyo global account via gpay upi but the balance is not reflecting and it’s showing 0. Can you please help me resolve the issue soon. I have already raised the ticket. Ticket Id - 1336466

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Hey everyone,

I emailed them about the same issue, and they explained why the problem was with our Niyo Global SBM card (see below for more information). We can’t do anything about it right now because it’s under maintenance, but they did mention the date and time when it will be resolved. Additionally, they only notify us once we report an issue via e-mail from our end. You should have informed us about this maintenance earlier; it is not fair.

Also, I just joined the Niyo Global SBM card yesterday; this is how you welcome new customers to your bank when there are many troubles and glitches going on.

Email from them


As a part of a period system upgrade, some SBM banking services (non card related) would be down on 2nd July 2022, Saturday starting from 23:30 Hrs (IST) to 3rd July 2022, Sunday 04:00 Hrs (IST).

During this maintenance window, you will not be able to avail the following services:

  1. Inward and outward fund transfer (IMPS/NEFT/RTGS)
  2. UPI Transactions
  3. Real-time balance/ transaction updation on your app

Rest assured, your card transactions will not be impacted during the downtime.

We hope our email has given you enough time to plan accordingly. We’re really sorry to be holding you up and sincerely appreciate your patience!

We’ll continue to provide our 24/7 support through live chat and emails. Should you have any questions, please feel free to chat with us from your app.

Team Niyo

@Wasim_Al_Basha It’s way past 5:00 PM and still there is no update. I mean are you guys serious or what ? Is this how you handle customer money. Banking is supposed to be 24/7 if you have down town then you have to inform us in advance.

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@tharun3e this is starting saturday night for which I have no objections. I have contacted them via twitter as well but as seen here, no solution. What we are asking them is about the present situation. Promised to me at 5 everything will be back online and now it is still the same!

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Enough waited! I am changing my review from 5 to 1 star in App Store. I request everyone to do the same.

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Dear friends, I wish to inform you that whatever the problem was it seems to be resolved now. I am able to see my balance now. Do check everyone. Thanks to everybody who voiced out their opinion today!

Hello All! Thank you so much for your patience and co-operation. This issue has now been resolved. We request you to refresh your Niyo SBM app and check the updated Balance. You can also make successful transactions without any hassle. We apologize once again for the time it took and thank you for your patience & understanding throughout. - WB


Hey @Sudharshan_Reddy @Arjun_Ashok @Bhavin_Goswami @Ejaz_Ahamed @Devanshu_Gupta @Veeresh_Vats @Abhishek_Chhabra @Ayush_singh3 @shammas @Arun_Kalyan @tharun3e @yashm111 @Anizzz17 @Abhishek_Arora @aeishwarya_gadre @Hardik48 @Mr_Bablu @durga_prasad1 @Saurav_Sunny @Hritik_Agrawal @Shemoile_Qureshi @kmitra @Anish_Alex_Mathews!

The balance update on the Niyo SBM app and the issue of the transaction has been resolved. You should be able to view the updated balance in your app and you should be able to make transactions too.

We are once again sorry for the hassle that you’ve been through. Rest assured, we are working closely with the bank to avoid such instances in the future.



The ticket is not being raised at any point of time it always shows this only. Second thing my amount is being showed in the transaction section but is not being reflect in my account. Please solve the issue at the earliest. @Ranjith @Lucky

It’s okay now. Thank you but kindly confirm this