Account Balance not getting updated from 01/07/2022

Hai every user. Kindly read this. I got today at eveng that there is an outage for tomorrow. @Deepak @Wasim_Al_Basha
Kindly confirm this. So that we will choose other bank for tomorrow

@Sudharshan_Reddy yes, there is a scheduled activity planned by the bank. We are trying to notify to all our users via email and app notification.


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Issue resolved.

If something is wrong with server please hold transactions even before processing them.

Trust is at stake.

If u did this intimations today morning, no one might suffered. Not expected from a Maritius Bank like this .They also runs Slice, Money View apps. In those apps they will intimate via mail , msg, app notification prior the outage.

Hope for the best and Thanks for your workaround

@Arun_Kalyan @Sudharshan_Reddy Rest assured. Feedback will be shared with the respective teams to avoid instances like these in the future.


@shammas You’re not alone, and I’m in the same boat as you. For the time being, we can’t do anything about it; only their end must recognise that they must speed up their efforts to resolve customer difficulties. If you ask me, we can only hope for the better.

I shared this e-mail because some are not aware of what they doing that’s the reason I want you guys to know what they’re up to after telling me via email that they’re under maintenance. It doesn’t make sense to me that they had to notify us via all emails; I’m not sure why they didn’t do so regarding the difficulty that millions of people are experiencing with the Niyo global card. It is their job to resolve the problem as quickly as feasible.

Dear Team,

My problem has been fixed, and my balance is now properly done on my account. However, I would want to request the Niyo Global SBM card in order to handle any future difficulties by speeding up your process and resolving issues as fast as possible so that more people will join based on the support system that you have, and in this manner, you will acquire customers as well. So, please prioritize customer problems and attempt to handle them as quickly as possible. Simply consider this as feedback.


Hi @tharun3e, Thanks for confirming the balance update on the Niyo SBM app and the issue of the transaction have been resolved. You should be able to view the updated balance in your app and you should be able to make transactions too.

We are once again sorry for the hassle that you’ve been through. Rest assured, we are working closely with the bank to avoid such instances in the future.


I have transferred ₹5000 to my NIYO account.
The amount has been debited from my account but it’s not showing in the niyo account even in transactions. Please help me on this.

Hi @Yashwanth_L_Gowda, welcome to our community!

Causing you any kind of hassle was not what we had in mind. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. Your money is safe with us kindly update the app and recheck you will be able to see the balance on your screen. If in case of issue persist kindly write to us at our team will be happy to assist you better. Thank you!

Hi, can you please check my ticket number too its 1377203. I added 20000 rupees using NEFT but my balance is still not updated and I’m travelling to England in few days and its really worrying because these kind of problems can affect my whole travel plan.

Hey @Naveen_Sihag

Welcome to our Niyo Community :slight_smile:

As we checked, the funds have been credited to your account on the 4th August 2022. We request you to check and confirm the same. Any moment you need assistance. We’d be more than glad to offer you the needed support.


I tried transferring 30k to my Niyo SBM account yesterday. The amount was debited from the source account yesterday. The amount was debited from the source account and I’m seeing this credit in the transactions of the SBM account. Yet it is not reflecting in the balance. Please help as I need this fund today as I’m travelling. This issue is happening very frequently and yet for some reason Niyo thinks this is not a big issue to invest time into. I’m thinking of involving the RBI.

Facing similar issue. Had made a deposit today morning but it’s not reflecting on the balance section of home screen

Hey @vignesh8 @Kunal_Chauhan! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Our team has confirmed that the issue has been resolved. We kindly request you to please refresh your app to view the updated account balance. It would be great if you can check, and let us know. Rest assured, we are here to help you.


Hi Deepak,

              Don't you and your team has any kind of concerns for this issue.

Since July customers are facing this issue frequently. if NIyo has not able to maintain bank. Just tell them to quit.

Or else we all will bring RBI to take action against this and will close your NIYO BANK

Even niyo bank has no shy to say this that account balance is not getting updated

And all the customers here.
Don’t use niyo global account.
They don’t know how to maintain these kindaa things.

Just close the account
Or else make a protest to bring RBI

Hey @Sudharshan_Reddy! We understand your concern and agree with you that it causes inconvenience while you are facing such issues. We would like to inform you that Niyo itself is not a bank, we are partnered with SBM (State Bank of Mauritius) to provide the Niyo Global banking services. At times, due to some maintenance activities and we are facing downtimes which are affecting a few services. To minimise and avoid such instances in the future, we are working closely with the bank. Rest assured, the funds will be safe and secure.