Account Balance not getting updated from 01/07/2022

From when you are updating its already 8hrs now

What is going on, it’s still 8 hrs. Will any bank server goes down like this much. If your bank has any planned outage, it is a responsibility for your team to send a mail and msg prior doing this. Still during the outage also you people didn’t send any intimation to us. Still some one will deposit and will struggle. @Deepak

I am asking my own money to u like a beggar
I am saying i need its urgent to pay in hospital you are like don’t wrry we will do .
I don’t know what to say it’s my last with all the banks i will never use any bank account from now
I don’t need any digital payments TQ …
We’ll played with our emotions

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We are getting messages and mails for the transactions did on morning and the msg is Money credited. When I Open the app. Not updated.
What’s going on. Bug Van Thuu da.

Hi @Wasim_Al_Basha
Please understand peoples problems
Even I have an account with FI and many more and if there’s an issue it would be resolved in 1-2 hours max especially when it’s related to balance ! Requesting you to take this on priority because this is not acceptable
There should be a TAT for all this

Is there a way lodge a complaint with RBI? Is this bank even safe as it’s mostly used by people travelling and amount in people’s accounts is quite significant. Wonder if any bank can freeze people’s funds like this.

It’s been too long now… pls solve this now! It’s very unfair… most of us r travelling and in immediate need of the funds…


Kindly update or reply…

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I have transferred inr 5000 using Paytm via bank to bank transfer to my niyo global sbm account.
But the app doesn’t reflect any amount in the niyo balance.
It’s been more than 6 hours and nothing whatsoever. I even raised a ticket and they said they will get back to me, but still nothing.
The money has been debited from my account but doesn’t show in niyo account.
Help me

They are such irresponsible don’t have shame to solve the issue soon
They don’t even realise what’s going with the all Customers .
U even don’t know what’s happening some need for hospital expenses,some have to travel but they can’t ,some are in need to pay the money for dues,loan or to credit there friends who are in need
And this shameless bank had not even infomed the maintenance notification without our knowledge they had kept our money aside and just showing that amount is credited but when trying to transfer it’s saying insufficient balance

If i don’t get my money bfr 5:30
Let it what happen i will make a big issue
Bcz my dad has not been hospitalized in private hospital because of you i will make sure that i will ruin the name of the bank
I am asking my own money like beggar

Hello @Ejaz_Ahamed @Sudharshan_Reddy @Abhishek_Chhabra @Abhishek_Arora @aeishwarya_gadre @Hardik48 ! Causing you any kind of hassle was not what we had in mind. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. We are following up with our team on priority and will share an update with you at the earliest. We’d appreciate your patience. - WB

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@Wasim_Al_Basha on the app it’s showed that it would be done by 5-00 today and it would be solved ! It’s 5-10 now and it’s still not solved
I know this was not your intention but try and understand we have many things to do, especially when you promote your card as a travel card and now my funds haven’t been reflected ! This is not good, I really need the funds today at any cost!
Your customer service assured me that it would be resolved by 5pm today

Lets us tag RBI in Twitter and make this issue bigger brother

If you don’t update tonight, we all will tag RBI in twitter and make the issue bigger and make your SBM Bank shut down.

Yours frustrated Customer

Sure bro I am gonna make this now

Tag @rbi @theniyo @dassakthikanta @sbmbankindia

Its 5:33pm now
As nio support promised the issue will be solved around 5pm, what is your update?
Please provide an appropriate answer

Same issue
I just made a Upi transaction of 25000 through upi Transaction is successful but not updated in account.
But I received sms saying credited to my account but no where to be found.

Resolve ASAP

@Wasim_Al_Basha @Deepak

It’s almost 5:45 now. Absolutely leaving each and every customer in disgrace. No live chat support. No reply to the concerned customers. Please show some respect to the customers, respond to their queries and keep your promises. I was earlier assured it will be resolved by 5pm, but as we can see, it was just a mere castle in the air.


Will this be sorted any time soon? Please provide ETA(expecting you will not tell generic “soon”)