5000/- Rs Deposited not getting reflected in the account

Hey @Anshul_Patel . Welcome to Niyo community. Could you please try and pull the screen to refresh and get the updated balance.

Tried Multiple times but didn’t get any updates.

@ashrithjain any updates?

Hey! We’ve asked you some follow-up questions via DM. Please answer them to get your issue resolved at the earliest!

Hey @Anshul_Patel . Good to know that your issue has been resolved!

If you do any help in future, feel free to reach out again!

Hey @Rahul_L ! Welcome to Niyo community. We’re sorry you had to face this issue. Could you please pull-to-refresh the screen to get the updated the balance.

Yes, refresh solved the issue. Thanks!
I have ordered for the card now, the delivery details has not been shared yet. Since I live in Bengaluru, will the card be delivered within 10 days? I have my flight on 16th of August.

Hey @Rahul_L ! Now that you’ve successfully ordered the card, you’ll get your card within 6-15 business days. However, we’ve had exceptions too wherein the card was delivered before ETA. Kindly make sure to be present at your communication as the delivery is a secure OTP based delivered.

@ashrithjain Any idea by when I’ll receive the tracking information post placing the order?

Hi @Rahul_L ,

Ideally you will be able to track the details with 2,3 days.
FYI: The process goes as- when the card request is placed and the card is dispatched post printing that’s when the details would be shown on the delivery partner website.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Bansari
I checked the status on Delhivery. The TRACKING ID is 5960512180452. It still shows as shipment not ready for pickup. The status is the same since 3 days. I am traveling on 15th of August. I was hoping to get the card by then :frowning:
I live in Bengaluru, any chances of card reaching this week?

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Opps! :confused: Sadly we have no influence on the delivery date @Rahul_L
Check with delhivery once?


There was an update today, the shipment was picked up and left Mumbai to Bengaluru. The expected delivery date is 11th of August. Hopefully, I get the card tomorrow. Thanks for your help! @Bansari

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I deposited Rs5050 in the account on Aug 11 2021, but its not displayed on the page. Tried refreshing the page. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app but in vain. Please help

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I transfer 5000 rupees in sbm niyo card
From my old bank the money has been deposit but in sbm app it shows zero balance
And tried refreshing the app
Please help me out of this
I need card very urgent because I have my flight after 10 days.

Hi @Amal @Khurram_Biradar ,

Welcome to the Niyo Community!

Sorry for to get back to you this late :confused: Could you please confirm if the issue still persists? We are here to help.


It’s all sorted now.Thanks for your help.

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I’m also facing similar issue, deposited money but not reflecting in app

Hey @Sandeep_Pilla ! Welcome to Niyo Community. We’re happy to have you onboard :airplane:.
Request you to kindly pull-to-refresh on homepage to get the updated balance.