Your Dream Travel Perk Awaits! 🌟

Hello Niyozens! :wave::earth_africa:

We’re excited to discover your preferred domestic travel reward with the travel credit card. :credit_card::sparkles:

Your preferences matter!:rocket: Share your top pick, and let’s elevate your travel game together! :tada:

Select your top choice for a domestic travel reward from a Credit Card! :flight_departure::sparkles:

  • Free monthly flight discount voucher worth Rs.1500 :ticket:
  • Free seat selection on domestic flights every month :chair:
  • Free flight cancellation for domestic flights every month :no_entry_sign:
  • 1 Free domestic lounge access per month🍹
  • Free domestic travel insurance :shield:
  • Other (please share your preference):speech_balloon::point_down:t2:
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