Which card design would you pick?💳

Hey Niyozens!

We are soon launching India’s first zero forex markup Global Credit Card with all the features and benefits you’ve come to like about Niyo Global and much more.

But we’re at a crossroads here.

We need your help in picking out a design to go on the card.

  • Design 01
  • Design 02
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What about your loyal customers who have already received the Niyo Global Credit Card with boring plain blue colour and no design?
I also need this new design on my Niyo Global Credit Card. What’s the process to get the newly designed Niyo Global Credit Card?


Hey @thesoberguy! We are planning to launch the credit card with the new design and this may take some more time. If you wish to get a new design card, you have to block the existing credit card and reorder a new one. The charges for that would be Rs.249+GST.


@Deepak @Lucky Give both options
And when we get these new design card


Allow this credit card to add in Google pay for use in international transactions
Niyo sbm debit card are blocked for international transactions and you are giving credit card only to Indian address
So it’s not possible to use instant
If you allow niyo credit card to add in gpay or applepay then we will we able to use it instantly anywhere in the world


What’s the annual charges for niyo smb cradit card @Lucky @Deepak

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@Lucky @Deepak anyone reply


@Irshad_Ali As of now, there are no annual charges for Niyo SBM Credit Card.

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@Deepak what about design options