Where are you travelling this summer?✈️🏖️

Hey all,

Are you all set for your vacation? Planned your itinerary, booked your flights, reserved hotel rooms (or was it that exotic homestay?), packed your bags and even snuck in your swimsuit? All you have to do now is take off, right?

Well, there is just one more thing to consider:

How are you going to manage your money while travelling?:thinking:

It’s especially important to make this decision carefully so you don’t blow a hole in your pocket before you even return - that’s definitely not a sweet travel memory to cherish.

Know the fees associated with payments in foreign currency

The first and foremost concern while travelling abroad and spending in foreign currency are the various fees and charges that tag along.

Foreign transaction (Forex/FX) fee

An FX fee or forex markup is usually added by your card-issuing bank when you make a transaction overseas or with a foreign merchant. This fee may run up to 3% of your transaction amount.

Although paying a fee of $3 for every $100 spent might sound minuscule, these fees add up to a hefty amount when you consider the duration of your trip.

If you’re looking for an option with zero forex markup, Niyo Global is the way to go. With no forex markup, you don’t pay any extra charges ever. All transactions made with your Niyo Global card are charged with a VISA exchange rate only. What’s more? It works seamlessly in 150+ countries across the globe.

Check out this short video by The Punjabi Wanderer who was recently travelling across South America and shares his experience using the Niyo Global card.

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