Wanna to know phone no

Hey niyo, Actually i give a person the ammount 21828 but he is not shoeing intrest neither i got any lead from past 12 hrs so can u help me by providing phone no or anything helps which i need to communicate to that person upi id named smx9599@sbmbank
Can u just call by your self can tell him to transfer in my account I’ll pay him again

Or jist gave me phone no of that person actually he eat up my money and now he is showing no reply pls understand the depth of situation pls help me in this matter plss sir

I know it is not in your customer policy but as a responsible person we need it to complain na as a fraud
Now see na online fraud is increased by how much multiplier you must help me :pray::sob::sob:in any situation kindly and kindly pls help

And u know how really big that ammount is he actually just eatup that money

If you cant give his/her contact atleast u can call him /her and pls update me what he /she says

I had done my all efforts via g pay too that i make to recieve the payment of that balance but he /she is not replying to anyone of that post

I hope u are understanding what im trying to say

Pls help me I’ll get looted if u dont help u are my last hope

Hey @Ritik_Kumar1 As the transaction is UPI pin verified, we may not be able to help you from our end. We do not have access or control to retain the amount to your account. Also, we do not have the access to check the contact details of the person whom you have sent the funds.