Vietnam Tourist Visa for Indians

Vietnam is one of the most popular tourist destinations for travellers from India. But as always, it is very important to check the visa regulations before planning a visit to the country.

This Vietnam Tourist Visa for Indians thread is specifically to share latest and accurate information about the Vietnam tourist visa as applicable to an Indian passport holder.

This is the current visa rule (as of June 2024):

  • Indian passport holders must have a visa beforehand to enter Vietnam as tourists
  • Currently, e-visas are issued only through the official government visa portal. The visa is typically issued for 30 days of travel within Vietnam with a validity period of upto 3 months with an option of both single entry and multiple entry.
  • Once the e-visa is issued, changes cannot be made and it is best to apply for a new visa immediately to avoid deportation or prevent entry-related issues at the border / airport upon arrival

Official Vietnam Tourist Visa Government website/portal:

Alternatively, you can also approach the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in the country where you are and request to apply for a standard sticker visa.

Important: Vietnam visa on arrival is still NOT available for Indian passport holders.

Documents required to apply for the visa:

  • Passport front and back page
  • Dates of entry and exit
  • Point of entry and exit (airport/land border/etc.)
  • Details of place of stay (hotel/Airbnb/etc.)
  • Photo as specified in the visa portal

Processing time for the visa:
Usually three to seven working days as per the official note on the e-visa portal. Sometimes longer as reported by travellers. Best to apply atleast one month before date of travel.

Cost of the visa:

  • USD 25 for single entry e-visa
  • USD 50 for multiple entry e-visa

Immigration requirements:

  • At the airport or land border, present the e-visa to the officer along with any additional documents sought (such as accommodation details, exit flight details, etc.).
  • Make sure to immediately check how many days of entry is provided by the visa officer in the stamp on the passport to avoid confusion.

Share your latest experiences of obtaining the Vietnam Tourist Visa or passing through immigration, as replies/comments in this thread. This will be very helpful to fellow travellers and members of this travel community who are planning a trip to Vietnam.