UPI ID of ICICI bank

Hey are you guys using ICICI BANK UPI server though the account is with Equitas?

Hi @Paula

Thanks for your question and welcome to the Niyo Community.

No we aren’t. Any specific reason as to why you felt this? Just curious to know!

When I created the UPI ID with niyo virtual card via GPAY, though the bank account is showing Equitas however the UPI ID is showing as @okicici. Please advice. Shouldn’t it show Equitas one if it has any.

@Paula Gpay provides you the upi addresses with their partner banks, it has nothing to do with the bank account you’re adding (equitas in this case).

You can in fact choose any out of okicici, okaxis, oksbi and okhdfcbank for your id on google pay, for any bank account of yours.


Great thanks for your reply. I didnt knew this…

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