Unable to transfer to another account using NiyoX App

Hi Team,

I’m unable to transfer amount to another bank despite being a full KYC customer and completing the cooling period of beneficiary added. It errors out stating " the servers are busy and couldn’t process it " , have been trying since a week but to no avail. Request you to check on this at the earliest.


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Hi Tousif,
Apologize for the inconvenience , we will have this checked right away for you - TV

Hey Tousif! We tried reaching you on your registered number but couldn’t connect after multiple attempts. We request you to try once more as there shouldn’t be any issue with the transfer. In case you still get an error, kindly inbox us the screenshot of the error message so that we can take this further up for you. LK

Hi Lucky,

Please check your inbox, I have attached the necessary screenshots for further investigation.


Thank you for sharing the screenshots. As discussed, we will be escalating this to our team to get it checked. We will get back to you with an update shortly. LK

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Any update on this. ? Please let me know

Is anyone on this or is my issue abandoned?

Hey Tousif! We sincerely regret the delay! We see that you are now able to do transactions on your account. Do let us know if there’s any other issue that we can assist you with or if you are still facing any transaction-related issues and we will get that checked for you. LK

I’m still unable to transfer money via Niyox app…it’s throwing new error now, when I feed in the amount it says invalid token…Looks like there are a lot of bugs in the app.

I am facing the same issue. This reduces my trust and dependability on NiyoX.


Our sincere apologies for the hassle, Tousif. We have escalated this to our team and we will keep get back to you shortly with an update. LK

Hey Sushil! Welcome to the Niyo Community! We are looking into the issue, meanwhile, we request you to inbox us your registered number as well. LK

Hello team,

I am facing issues while transferring funds. When ever I try to transfer it says invalid token. I had to do an important transaction and I haven’t been able to do it. This is a matter of grave concern and trust. It reduces my dependability on Niyo.


Hi ,

The issue still persists, this is clearly a problem in NiyoX app as I’m able to transfer using Equitas app. Offlate, my experience with Niyo is getting bitter. Can someone please expedite this so that both the errors are resolved ?

Hey Tousif! We are still working on your concern as we updated you over the call. We will get back to you as soon as we have an update on the matter. LK

Hey Sushil! Thank you for your time on call. We are pleased to know that the issue is resolved and you are able to transact without any hassle. Cheers! LK

Hi Tousif, as we discussed, it should be working for you as well. Kindly check once more and do revert in case the problem has persisted & we will be happy to check it further for you. LK

Hey Lucky,

As discussed over the call, I did try initiating a transfer but it failed as usual. However this time I added a new payee and the transfer was successful. Does it mean that transfers to SBM Bank is not allowed ?
Old Payee 1 ( State Bank of Mauritius ) - Failed
New Payee 2 ( Icici Bank ) - Successful.


Dear Tousif,

We are pleased to know that the transfer to ICICI Bank Payee is resolved and you are able to transact without any hassle. For SBM Bank Payee, can you please use the Quick Transfer Tab, put the IFSC code of the SBM Bank, and retry the transfer again.

We will be soon revamping the payee addition flow to make it easier for our customers.

Arjun Tiku/Lucky

Hello Arjun,

The only way I can transfer to SBM account (which fails) is via quick transfer option, as SBM bank cannot be added as payee since its not listed under your bank drop-down section. So I feel the partner bank Equitas is not equipped to transfer funds to SBM Bank? Please confirm.