Supported methods of repaying Niyo Global CC dues

The Niyo Global app provides only one option to repay outstanding Niyo Global CC due amount that thur SBM SB acc created while acquiring the Niyo Global CC.
It simply mean that I first have to transfer the amount in my SBM savings account before i can make Niyo CC due payment.
Is there no other option to pay my Niyo Global CC due directly from my non SBM, non Equitas bank account?
Can i make the Niyo Global CC due payment directly from other bank such SBI or ICICI or HDFC over UPI?

Hi Yatin,

At present, bill payments for your Niyo Global Credit Card dues are solely processed through SBM savings accounts. Should you encounter any challenges with your SBM account during payment, we strongly advise utilizing alternative platforms like Cred or MobiKwik as backups. Regrettably, we do not offer repayment options from other banking platforms presently. We understand this limitation may inconvenience you, and we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

Thank you.