Regarding passbook of SBM bank with my account details

Hello Niyo| SBM BANK
You are providing cheque book so may I know why you not provide Passbook?

Passbook is must required for proof after the death of account holder for nominee to claim all kind of unclaimed amount after all it’s digital account hence paasbook will definitely a major proof for nominee and major identification of the tracking information

Hello @divyeshmehta820! Welcome to Niyo Community.

As you are aware that the Niyo Global By SBM account is a 100% digital account. At the moment we do not have a Passbook Facility.

We get your point, however, there is a process that needs to follow to claim the amount in case of account holder death. Please NOTE: To be taken into consideration in the future, we have recorded this feedback and forwarded it to our team. We will keep you posted when we have any updates! - WB

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