Received a threat/scam call of closing my Niyo SBM Account


Today (9th September 2022) I received a call from this number: (+91)9936759702

The call duration was hardly 2 minutes.

He said that his name was Arvind and he was calling from Niyo. He asked me to verify my Email ID, Date of Birth, and Mother’s Name.

Then he asked me about my next trip abroad.
I told him that I currently don’t have any such plan.

Then he asked me rudely why have opened the Niyo SBM Account if I don’t have any plan of travelling abroad.
In response, I said him that it was totally my personal discretion, and nowhere on Niyo’s website had any such criteria mentioned.

Then he said (in a threatening tone) that he is closing my Niyo SBM account since I am not traveling abroad right now.

Kindly look into the issue and confirm if this was a scam call or if there really exist any such criteria.

If this was a scam then it may lead to various other scams and target other Niyo users.

Hey @mickey7!

We deeply regret the inconvenience! Feedback will be shared with our team on this to avoid such instances in the future.