Re-Open my account

I want to re open my account please help me

Hey @Mr_Kaushik_Naskar! If you had an account with us and have closed it, unfortunately, we cannot reopen it. If you wish to open an SBM account, you have to contact or visit any nearest branch.

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Will i able to use niyo card for the same ?

If your account is active, you can continue to use your card.

If I reopen my account through sbm bank branch in that case will im able to use niyo app & card ?

If the account is marked as CLOSED by the bank, you’ll not be able to use the Niyo Global card anymore.


My nex x account re open

Hey @Bikker_Singh1! Welcome to Niyo Community!

If your NiyoX account has been closed, we are sorry to inform you that you cannot reopen it.