My Niyo Card was blocked by Niyo

My Niyo Card was blocked by Niyo
Now when I was going to oder again they asking charges

Hey @Mr_Kaushik_Naskar! Welcome to Niyo Community!

You can reorder the card through the Niyo SBM app under the Card Settings and the card replacement fee is Rs.249+GST. Also, we at Niyo, do not block any cards proactively from our end. We would like to have a closer look at your account details. Kindly inbox us your registered mobile number/email. Alternatively, you may reach out to our live chat support through the Niyo SBM app by going to Menu > Support options.


My Registered number is 8910689942

I am not going to pay any charges because I’m not blocking my card niyo itself block my card

@Mr_Kaushik_Naskar as we checked your account details, we believe that you’ve reached out to us and have requested to close your account. Our team has forwarded your account closure request to the bank. It might be due to that reason, it’s showing as blocked. If your account is closed, we cannot reopen it again.


If my account is closed then how i am able to use my account you guys just deactivate debit card and tell me my account was closed now uninstall the app few months ago today I’m reinstall the app and saw everything was the same you guys just inactive the card and nothing I just activate the virtual card
If my account was fully closed then how i activate the virtual card it’s very much offence to say lie to the castomar

When i am puting the account number and IFSC code to any fund transfer app they clearly show my name which proves that my account was not closed

We’ll have this checked from our end and let you know.

Alright then
Check it out

Hey @Mr_Kaushik_Naskar! As per your previous request, your account has been closed on 25th May 2022.


Very funny bro
Then how can i access my account ?

Hey @Deepak kindly give reply

Hey @Mr_Kaushik_Naskar, once the account closure request is sent to the bank. All the bank records of your account will be closed completely. The only thing you can access is the app but you cant perform any transactions for it. As we stated above your account has been closed on 25th May 2022.

How to reopen my account ?