Re. Cashback on 1st Load

I have loaded Rs.5001 in order to be eligible for the 1st ever load cashback of Rs.150, but I have received only Rs.100 as cashback. It seems like the Rs.1 deposit on 9th May (Discount Stock Broker was verifying the Bank Account) is considered as the 1st ever load, hence Rs.100 cashback is issued instead of Rs.150. But I want to clarify that Rs.5001 was my 1st ever load, so practically I am eligible for Rs.150 Cashback.
I have duly received all other cashback as mentioned in the offer campaign.

I was served ‘Read Guidelines’ Badge, don’t know if I have written anything that is violating the guidelines.

Can you dm me your customer id

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Sure, Ma’am! Please check your DM.

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