Only Partial Cashback received.(May Campaign)

I received Rs 350 cashback for May Campaign.
I did the following txns

  • Loaded 1000 as first deposit - So 100 Cashback
  • Spent 250 or more using upi - So 50 Cashback
  • Loaded 5000+( so will be not considered as first deposit) - So 100 Cashback
  • Spent 1500 on POS/ECOM/UPI txn - So 100 Cashback
  • Invested first time in mutual funds on NiyoX - So 100 Cashback

TOTAL CASHBACK = 100+50+100+100+100 = 450
Mentioned in several topics, they asked my customer ID, I provided but didn’t get any update yet.
Customer ID 8859979

I received cashback on June 8th

Issue not resolved yet. How can you close this??

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