Problem with fd withdraw

In a initial day of niyo credit card launch everyone said we can withdraw 5000/- Rs fd once we place order and now when I’m trying to withdraw they said you’re credit card will be close if you want to withdraw money


Hello, @Rokadeamit01!

Indeed, you can initiate the withdrawal of your FD at any time through the Niyo Global app. Please note that breaking the FD will lead to the automatic closure or blocking of your card. However, I’d like to reassure you that we are working with the bank to introduce a feature that will allow you to reapply for both the FD and credit card. We’re making progress, and this feature will be available soon! :blush:


is this feature available now?

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Hey @Saransh_Bagdi!

Yes, you have the flexibility to reapply for the card, even if you’ve previously broken the FD or closed the card.