Permanent Fixed Deposit for niyo global credit card by SBM

Hi Niyo,
Its pleasure being a customer to you. I am really happy for the exciting features you are providing but I just wanted to share a feedback with you which is really concerning me. Right now, I deposited almost 5L of my money as an FD so that I could get good credit limit for my credit card. I am happy as long as I am using the credit limit. But naturally, I might need some of that amount be it 2 or 3 or 6 month slater due to some unforeseen circumstances. Then I might need to withdraw the FD. But according to your policy, you aren’t allowing people to withdraw the FD partially. So I need to completely withdraw it. But once we withdraw it, you are permanently blocking the credit card and not even allowing the customer to reapply for it again. I feel this is really unfair. You really can’t expect customers to permanently deposit their lakhs of money just to keep a credit card active. You could put a minimum FD requirement like 5k or 10k so that people in need for their money can withdraw it partially to keep the card active. We customers really love the features you are providing and we look forward to continuing with you but if this policy doesn’t change, I am pretty sure retention of customers is going to be a bit of a problem for you. Kindly understand the concern and try to modify this specific policy making it user friendly.