Passbook & Bank statements feature missing

Hello there’s some missing features in NiyoX app.

There’s no option to see passbook and generate bank statement which is required for many services. We need an option to see passbook where my name,photo, account number, bank name,IFSC code, address will be showed like an original bank passbook and we can generate a photo or pdf of the passbook. And similarly we need an option to generate bank statements with every account details.

And I also think virtual debit card should be showed in original card format and there should be one click hide and unhide button. Now we have to click on CVV code, card number and expiry dates seperately to see the card details.

Hi Vishal,

We’re working on a feature to allow you to generate and download your bank statements in various formats for different time ranges. Hope that would solve one of your problems!


Also generate passbook with every information & debit card properly please

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Please figure out a way to let customers extract account statements asap.
This is a very important for a lot of us. Please understand we need to get our account statements in XL / PDF for our personal accounts. Kindly work on this. Otherwise absolutely digging the app. Still awaiting my debit card though.


Hi Eishaan,

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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Yes please . Eagerly waiting for the same.

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How to generate e statement using niyox app

Hi Akshay,

This might help :slight_smile:

Where can I request issuance of my passbook? It is mentioned that the passbook will be issued on our request. I’m attaching the screenshot.

Hey @Ajazmohd,

We are still working on issuing the passbook. We shall keep you notified on the same. But we have made it easier to track your transactions. You can track all your transactions from the NiyoX app, and you can download the statement from the net banking portal for your reference.


Actually I need either softcopy or physical passbook for other purpose.

Well @Ajazmohd, you can download the statement from the net banking portal here: EquitasConsumerApp. Soon we will be getting the ‘Statement Download’ option on the app as well.

I think you didn’t get me. I need a passbook which contains my account details : account number, IFSC, My name and my address. I know the process of getting statement.

Hi @Ajazmohd ,

As informed by fellow moderator we are still working on issuing the passbook. Watch out here for any updates.

Addressing your concern of getting account details, you shall get it from the NiyoX app by clicking on your profile.

Hope this helps!

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