NiyoX Account statment should provided in PDF and Excel...

Hello, I think NiyoX has upper hand because of 2 in 1 account service of saving plus investment. But for better efficiency and comfort NiyoX should creat option for account statment in PDF and Excel file type…in short it should have online passbook like other banks are providing right now.

Hey @Kishan118 thank you for bringing this to us. We’ll definitely work on your feedback. In the meantime, to download the account statement, you can do that through Equitas Small Finance Bank’s internet banking. Here are the steps for your reference.

Login to Equitas Net Banking from the link > Go to Quick Links (on the right-hand side in the home screen) > Click on Bank Statement > Enter the Start Date & End Date (from which date you require the statement) > Click on VIEW/AS.PDF/AS.EXCEL

Once the statement is downloaded, please use your customer ID as a password to view the file.

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