Nooo. Please don't do this NiyoX. I want you to save my money

I received notification of a 30% Biryani offer earlier this morning on my NiyoX app.

Hey, NiyoX is supposed to push me to either save money or invest it. Not spend it on shopping or eating.

I understand that it has to make money from its users but not this way. Please.

After one year of using it and another banking app XYZ (for example), I will analyze whether I have saved more in NiyoX bank or XYZ bank.

So, please don’t send push notification for shopping or eating offers. You can give it a space in the app but not notifications. Please.

Hey Rohit,

Firstly, welcome to our Community, and hope you’re having a good Monday. :smiley:

What’s life without some Biryani, was my very first thought after reading this. :sweat_smile:
Moreover, Monday Blues were a common concern so we thought we’ll roll this offer out to cheer our users up.

And if you look at it from our perspective, we’re pulling out offers from our hat, so you can save some Biryani money with the 30% off you’ll get while paying with NiyoX! It’s about seeing the glass half empty, or half full, eh?

Let us know your thoughts! :slight_smile:


Hey Aswathy,

Thanks for the warm welcome.

I am a copywriter. So, I totally understand the discount thing. I understand it from the consumer’s perspective and from NiyoX’s perspective.

My question is that should NiyoX really get revenue for helping other brands selling their products to its customers or from its customers saving and investing the money?

I personally think making people save money is a more long-term approach for a Neo Bank like NiyoX than let’s say giving small discounts. True, it’s a glass half empty or half full situation. Still, give it a thought.


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Hey Rohit, that’s good to know! Looking forward to seeing you around with your writings more often.

Offers are a value-add we like to shower our audience with, just to keep the spirits running high.
We definitely want our users to save more and that’s why we offer 7% interest rates on amounts above 1lakh in your NiyoX account. We’re also bringing in a lot of cool features in the near future to build in the habit of saving, analysing your spends and investing, so stay tuned. :slight_smile:


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