Launching NiyoX to #DecodeBanking for you! 🌟

Hey all!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new product - NiyoX!

It is a first of its kind product in India - simple yet powerful, clean yet scintillating.

NiyoX decodes banking for Millenials and gives them the reign to their finances. Most importantly, it’s a light and smart solution sans the tediousness, unlike traditional banking.

It is co-created with Equitas Small Finance Bank and offers a 2-in-1 Savings and Wealth Management proposition in the form of a world-class mobile banking experience for Millennials.

NiyoX is loaded with some trailblazing features like:

  1. ‘Zero’ Non-Maintenance Charge - There is no charge for not maintaining an average monthly balance (AMB).
  2. ‘Zero’ Commission on Mutual Funds - All Direct Mutual Funds are available for investment within the app without having to pay any commission
  3. 7% Interest P.A. on Savings Account - Balances above 1 Lakh* earn 7% interest, giving a gentle but constant push to savings accounts

And that’s not all! We’ve also got instant onboarding and an instant virtual card for online transactions. You can also link your existing mutual funds investments, buy/sell direct mutual funds at zero commission and save Rs.500-1000 in commissions/lakh rupees invested in mutual funds. You can further use NiyoX to transfer funds to friends and family, link your debit card to Google Pay, PhonePe and also pay using UPI.

We are working relentlessly to add cool new features to NiyoX that will enhance your experience. As privileged Niyo community members, you’ll be the first ones to know about all the updates!

As exclusive users of NiyoX you’ll also be able to enjoy our exciting Referral and Rewards Program real soon!

As with our other products, your feedback will help us identify areas to enhance the overall experience for you.

Download from the Google Playstore

Download from the iOS Appstore

Vinay & Viren