Marketing doesn't seem right with NiyoX!

So, I came up with a interesting marketing strategy which was weird looking for me. All what am talking about is your Stories which was posted in Instagram Handle where there were Three personalities involved for promoting or marketing NiyoX product as they’re also using it.

But what I can’t understand here is, all the three personalities videos has similar details in NiyoX App with just their names different that I’ve listed below :

1. Everyone’s Savings Account Value was 22,650.00
2. Last Updated time was 4:20 PM
3. Most recent activity - Wealth Transaction of 10k @ 10:00 PM on 29 Sep 2020

Was NiyoX started in 2020 itself? That’s wondering and how come all the three personalities has these three in common? Don’t we need a decent marketing strategy to make more people join our community? Am not posting this Thread blindly but attached the screenshot of the three personalities as well.

P.S : Not sure if this thread would be deleted or would be taken in a right way to improve our marketing strategy through this.

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Mostly Market agent do that

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Hey Balaji,

One of the main reason the community exists is to get feedback from our users :slight_smile:
Feedback both encouraging or critical is equally appreciated as it helps us make the overall experience of banking with Niyo better.

The win for us here is you saying ‘our marketing strategy’ as it hopefully shows a consumer who is engaged with the brand.

Back to point -

We usually use representative screens for our campaigns and these are modified to maintain privacy. This is exactly what we did in the recent influencer campaign too.

P.S - It’s great to have you back and posting on the Community! :partying_face:

P.S 2.0 - You again have a chance to knock it out of the park with our Meme Campaign as you did by winning our Knock-Knock campaign earlier. Do check it out!



Appreciate your response in this matter @Aswathy_Nambiar

P.S - I don’t have Meme creating skills and I’ll leave it to experts :sweat_smile:


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