NiyoX Equitas Finance Bank Debit Card

Hello Sir/Madam,
My Customer id is- 8864133.
I have booked KYC Appointment after Selecting Card Choice, Currently KYC has Not Done. I want to Change to Change Card design to Other Option (Morse Card).
I have Selected Illustration Card and booked kyc appointment and now i am not be able to change design option. I want to book Morse Code Card (Metal Card). Today is my KYC Appointment.

Hello Shubham, you may reorder the card once KYC is completed and the existing card is delivered. Here’s how you can do it. Once the card is delivered, you activate the card and then block the existing card and choose a new one.

PS: Morse Code card is not a metal card.



Morse Card is not a metal. :thinking::thinking:
Which Card is Metal Card??

& Can I use NiyoX Platinum Debit Card in International Transaction Online.??

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Metal card is still not launched by Niyo. But rest assured, they have promised to launch the same in the upcoming months. Mostly the card will be Visa Signature Debit card. Yes, you may use the NiyoX Platinum card for international transactions. Standard markup chargers are applicable i.e, 3.5% + gst.


Hi Shubham,

Morse card is now matte black card, attaching image for ready refernce

We do not have any metal cards as of now.



All Debit Card (Morse & Illustration) is Eligible for International Transaction??
Can I do International Transaction from this Card ??

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Yes Shubham. Both are the same cards, but the design is different. Both are eligible for international transactions.

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