Niyo Global SBM Debit Card being reported as a Credit Card to CIBIL?

Hi fam, just noticed this alien entry in my CIBIL report today that shows a credit card account with SBM Bank India. I don’t have a credit card from SBM. Asked in some Fintech groups, they say Niyo Global SBM card is reported as a credit card to CIBIL. Is it so? If yes, why? Can anyone from the team get me an official word on this, please?


Hi @jit, this is something unusual in order to understand better kindly reach out to SBM bank customer care the team will be happy to assist you better.

Thank you, have pinged SBM Bank India’s customer support team. Will see where this goes.

Same happened with me. I called SBM customer support & they said they don’t have any records since this might be issued by NBFC partners.

Hey @Satish_K

Kindly reach out to SBM customer care, you should be able to get a better understanding in this regard.


@jit - This credit card account in CIBIL is from TripMoney forex card if you hold. Got confirmation from SBM

Thanks, Satish. They still haven’t responded to my emails. Can you ask them why they report the prepaid card as a credit card?

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