Niyo cards not added in gpay

I want to share one important thing that both niyo sbm debit card and niyo sbm credit card don’t get added in gpay
If you enable this feature then we will be able to add niyo sbm credit card in gpay and will be able to use it on pos machine even without physical cards
Right now this will be most helpful feature as niyo sbm stops working and peoples are now getting niyo credit cards ,they are getting virtual cards instant but its difficult to get physical card
So if they can be able to add their cards in gpay then they can easily use that in pos machines
Pos machines are very popular and easily available at every shop in abroad like in usa Canada and European countries
Add this feature asap if possible


Yes or add nfc option in ypur niyo app so we can tap pay by our virtual credit card

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@Deepak have a look at this :heart_eyes:

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